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1. Terms of Service: This Customer Success Agreement (“Agreement”) is subject in all respect to the SOMIS Service Terms of Use set forth at which are incorporated by reference into this Agreement. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and the Terms of Use, this Agreement shall govern. Complete product and support descriptions are available online. These product and support descriptions are true and accurate at the date of their publication and as updated from time to time. The System operates substantially as described in the documentation published online at the SOMIS Knowledge Base.

2. Term: This Agreement shall be effective for the Subscription Term indicated of 30 Days after submission of this form. Following the Subscription Term, this Agreement shall automatically renew monthly, on a month to month terms (each, an “Additional Term”) unless a party cancels prior to renewal date. Each Annual Term a price increase of 4% over the previous Annual Term.

3. Fees: You agree to the purchase price of license quantities set forth on the next page for a month to month term. Additional licenses may be purchased at $49 per standard user and $10 per CSR user during the Initial Annual term, with fees prorated for partial months, and customers may make adjustments in the actual number of licenses from time to time, provided that the customer must always purchase a number of licenses equal to or greater than the package's Minimum License Level. Monthly billing will be based upon the package selected and the number of additional users at the beginning of the period, plus prorated billing for any added users and without reduction for users removed during the period. All fees paid hereunder are non-refundable and non-recoupable. The initial special package fees are as follows; $499 a month for Level 3, $399 for Level 2 and $299 per month for Level 1.

4. Payment: The first billed month of Monthly Recurring Fees and any Non-Recurring Fees will be processed in the following installments:

The first billed month of Monthly Recurring Fees will be processed on the Subscription Start Date (31 Days After Free Demo Starts). Thereafter, all payments due and owing under this Agreement shall be made monthly in advance through automated payment processing via Credit/Debit Card. Inquiries regarding payments may be submitted to

Amounts not paid due to card decline or otherwise shall be due and payable immediately upon request, and shall incur a warning. After 3 Days of unpaid balances, accounts will be suspended, pending payment of the balance plus the payment decline fee. After 30 Days of unpaid balances, accounts will be terminated. After 3 declines of a specific payment method a different payment method must be added to continue service.

5. Professional Services: Details of the Professional Services to be provided under this Agreement are set forth in the Statement of Work which is hereby incorporated into and made part of this Agreement.

6. Taxes: SOMIS’ products and services may be required to charge sales tax on pursuant to certain federal, state, provincial and local sales tax laws. Estimated taxes are not included in this agreement. Your invoice will reflect the final taxes in effect at the time of invoicing based on the address for the business(es). Customers must claim any exemption for all applicable taxes at the time of purchase and provide any/all exemption certifications and email documentation to

7. Confidentiality: SOMIS will provide Customer with confidential information and proprietary materials in the course of Customer's implementation, including, but not limited to, guides, product descriptions and configuration tools (the "Materials"). Customer agrees that the Materials are proprietary to and owned by SOMIS. Customers will hold the Materials confidential and use them solely for the purpose of transitioning to and implementing the SOMIS Platform. The Customer further agrees to keep pricing confidential.

8. Consolidation of Agreements and Accounts: In the event that Customer acquires other businesses, the terms of this Agreement shall be applicable to the Standard User Licenses, CSR Licenses for (i) those other businesses that are current SOMIS Customers and (ii) future subsidiaries of Customer not utilizing SOMIS at the time of acquisition ("Future Acquired Companies"). All outstanding balances owed by the Future Acquired Companies will be payable prior to transition to this Agreement and previous agreements with respect to the provision of Managed Standard User Licenses, CSR Licenses (“Acquired Entity Agreements”) shall be amended and restated to the terms set forth in this Agreement, with conflicting pricing terms superseded hereby. Nothing in this Section 9 shall be construed to allow the terms of any Acquired Entity Agreement to be assigned to or applicable to Customer and its affiliated companies. In other words, this agreement may be assigned 'downward' to current and future subsidiaries, but no agreement with an acquired company may be assigned 'upward' for the use of Customer and its other affiliated businesses.

9. Marketing phone numbers that are free of charge are available to Customers that have at least one subscribed SOMIS Connect or Fleet Tracking user. Five marketing local phone numbers are given per company free of charge. Additional phone numbers are available at price per number, per month. Please contact support at for more information.

10. SOMIS Connect is a service provided by a third party partner. For additional information and terms and conditions see SOMIS Connect Agreement.

11. SOMIS Pay is a service provided by a third party partner. For support and additional information call (877) 396-3748, email or visit

12. OneStepGPS is a service provided by a third party partner. For support and additional information call (888) 919-7536, email or visit

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